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0.92.2 plan

Bryce Harrington-3
With 0.92.1 now finished, the 0.92.x branch is reopened for targeted
bugfixes, and it's time to look forward to 0.92.2.

There are a few other activities that were gated on 0.92.1 which will be
proceeding in parallel, most notably of which is the git migration plan,
which is hard to guess how long it'll require.  I figure since that's
obviously going to be disruptive that we focus on completing that before
initiating the 0.92.2 release.  So exact dates are going to be
infeasible, but to establish some basic mileposts:

  0.92.1        Now           Feature Freeze
  0.92.2pre0    TBD           Hard Freeze + String Freeze
  0.92.2pre1    +2 weeks      Release Candidate
  0.92.2        +1 week       Cut Release
I am guestimating earliest we might see 0.92.2 would be late April /
early May, but depending on how things go could be more of the May/June

== 0.92.2 Development Goals ==

1.  The replacement for DPI dialog is a top goal for 0.92.2.  The
    wording of the dialog in particular needs review, but much of the
    implementation work is solid and just needs to be landed and tested.
    Translation of this to other languages is also quite important, and
    should receive special attention.  A 2 week period is scheduled
    post-String Freeze in particular to help ensure translators have
    adequate time for this dialog.

2.  A GPLv3 widget needs to be removed (or relicensed) to allow Inkscape
    to return to being covered as GPLv2.  While I'd love to see this
    undertaken for 0.92.2, but if it isn't it doesn't need to hold up
    the release.

Beyond this, changes that fix bugs or address user reported problems are
welcome.  Please try to keep patches minimal so they're easy to review,
and avoid doing refactoring work.  Larger works such as new user
interface pieces, should be done on branches, proposed for review, and
tested thoroughly on trunk before landing on 0.92.x.  If you have any
doubts over the appropriateness of a particular large change, please
feel free to run it by me first.

Provide detailed descriptions in your commit messages, including ref to
bug #'s and an explanation of the user-visible problem that the patch
fixes.  This helps testers isolate regressions and assists in creating
the release notes.

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