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2geom is a library for performing geometric calculations on paths and
curves. It was started as a replacement for the various incomplete,
incompatible and incorrect path data structures in Inkscape.

After a busy year with johan, verbalshadow and mgsloan working on the
inkscape port to 2geom; jfbarraud and marco developing some sophisticated
new geometric operations; acspike writing a python binding; cilix, pjrm and
goriccardo checking details and mental doing everything in between, we are
releasing a new release for distributions and in particular, inkscape and
scribus to target.

The latest version is available from:

We discuss technical issues on a mailing list, but the real discussion
happens on the jabber channel (though in bursts - you need to hang around
for a while; most discussion happens around evening UTC to evening west
coast US time).
[hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>

Of course we have the usual sourceforge bug tracking and feature request

It is hard to list all the features that made this release special, so I'll
let you read the release notes if you are that sort of person. For the rest
of us, download it, build it, and start playing with the toys!


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