Announcing the 2006 Summer of Code Projects

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Announcing the 2006 Summer of Code Projects

Bryce Harrington-3
Hi all!

Today was the final day for the Google Summer of Code proposal rankings.
As you can imagine, a number of us inkscaper's have been in deep,
intensive discussions and votes to arrive at the final prioritization.
The final decision of which 4 to select was extremely difficult, and
really came down to the wire.

A large part of the controversy was whether to have both of the SVG
filter projects in the top 4, or to go with 4 distinct projects.

But just then, in an amazing stroke of luck, Google was kind enough to
allocate an additional project to Inkscape, increasing us to 5 slots! :-)

Thus, our final project selection is as follows:

 Application                                Student            Mentor
 SVG Filter Effects #1                      Niko Kiirala       Bulia
 Inkboard Protocol Spec / Lib Conversion    Dale Harvey        David Yip
 PDF Export with Cairo                      Mikos Erdelyi      Ted Gould
 Memory Optimization                        Marina Diezler     MenTaLguY
 SVG Filter Effects #2                      Hugo Rodrigues     Bulia

As I understand it, one of the SVG filter projects will be focused on
the internal handling of filters at the SPObject level, the other will
be focused on the rendering of the filters.

Thank you to everyone who applied this year.  There were a number of
excellent projects, and arriving at the final selection was extremely
tough.  Many of the proposed ideas were extremely cool and we would love
to see them developed, and would love to be able to welcome the
applicants to be part of the Inkscape community.

Many criteria went into our final decision, more than can be easily
related.  However, one of the driving considerations was for work we
felt would maximize the benefit to Inkscape users.  We know from user
feedback that these projects, if completed successfully, will have a
transformational effect on Inkscape as an application - by the end of
this summer, Inkscape will likely be a light-year ahead of where it is


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