Bug tracker - should we move to gitlab? Or...?

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Bug tracker - should we move to gitlab? Or...?

Bryce Harrington-3
When we moved from Launchpad to gitlab for code hosting, we postponed
the question of if we should also move issue management off Lauchpad.
I think now would be a good time to start investigating this.

I figure it would be appropriate to discuss moving to gitlab issues, ON
a gitlab issue, so have opened the following issue there:


You'll need to be logged into gitlab in order to access the ticket.

Issue management is of course important to our whole community, but it's
especially a critical piece of our development infrastructure.  I think
we need to first seek a consensus among ourselves on what will work best
for development purposes before soliciting wider feedback.  (Bug
tracking is a topic everyone and their uncle can have an opinion on,
and open discussion could get unproductive quickly.  That said, if you
don't have access to the bug, but wish to share your thoughts, please
feel free to do so on this mailing list thread, and they'll be taken
into account in the decision process.)

I've opened several sub-issues for specific topics that will require
individual decisions, which are linked from issue #1.  Please share your
thoughts on all of them!


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