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Martin Owens-2
Dear Developers,

Last night at 3:22am GMT the newly fixed web server ran it's cron jobs
that had not run since November. It ran the automatic updater script,
which pulled in new additions to the website without migrating the
database. The database table for resources was then lacking a new
"owner" string field and requests to downloads failed with an Error

The issue was corrected with a complete database migration at 7:42am
EST and the website is working within it's known parameters.

Between the issue starting and the fix, there were 241 error emails
sent from the web server forĀ 44,183 actual 500 errors. (Emails are
paced). Blocking 13,228 attempts to download inkscape for windows file,
6,295 attempts at an msi file and 15,937 attempts at the portable
inkscape download.

From users themselves, there were 42 emails to the website
administrator. 38 in English, 2 in French, 1 in Portuguese, 1 in
Indonesian and 1 from Donald Duck. 40 apologetic emails were sent back
to real addresses, and two emails not sent to fake reply addresses.

Best regards, Martin Owens
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