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Election Inkscape Board: Nominations


Dear Inkscape Developer,

There is a new election underway to elect 2 new members to Inkscape Board,
 you have 6 days (Sept. 23, 2017) to invite members of the community to stand for the election.


With Krzysztof KosiƄski and Jon Cruz stepping down from the Inkscape board, it's time to elect two new replacements for our board. The board is the governing body for Inkscape in its non-profit home,
the Software Freedom Conservancy and looks after the project's financial and legal decisions in partnership with the conservancy.

You must be a member of the team on the website in order to vote or invite candidates to stand. You must make sure that your team membership status is settled before the vote opens in order for your ballot to be created in time.

Send invitation: http://www.inkscape.org/en/*board/elections/board-elections-2017/

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