Feature Request: Calligraphic Brush Stroke unification

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Feature Request: Calligraphic Brush Stroke unification

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Hello... This is my first post. I'm deving a 2D Platformer (Jump 'n Run) and the parasitic software of adobe is far to aggressive for my taste. I'm from and with the indie scene. Tell me where to donate and I'll share a percentage of the income like I do with epic for the Unreal Engine 4.

The Calligraphic Brush is the object of my desire... I imagine a check box "Unify stokes"
If i check it the Brush selects all objects on the Layer with the same color
Unifies them
and deselects them
on each stroke of the brush

in combination with Ctrl+L this would be super powerful and render Flash obsolete.

a minor tweak for the eraser would be that is does not select the last stroke when i switch from the calligaphic Brush to named Eraser when I "switch" input devices from Stylus to Eraser tip of my Wacom Pen.

puh... ^^  I hope you get the idea.
I think this is a real game changer.

my humbelest thanks for a great tool