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FreeBSD as a step to OSX


I downloaded 0.92 Beta2 source code before Xmas, and tried to build it
on mac mini running OSX 10.11 using cake and clang.

At that stage the cake files were obviously unfinished (for example,
there was no OSX cake file...).

Also there were lots of hard-coded directories in the cake files, which
are implicitly non-portable.

Can I suggest/ask that someone familiar with Inkscape and its cake
files, try to add FreeBSD support:

1) It would be good have a FreeBSD build for its own sake.

2) It is easier to spin up a VM for FreeBSD for building and testing,
than for OSX.

3) Having two slightly different posix build/cake configs will help
separate "Linux" from "Posix" config switches. Which will make it easier
to then add third config switch for OSX.

4) FreeBSD kernel is closer to OSX Darwin kernel (both BSD family) but
is a different platform, so it may shake out some issues on its own.

The result will be a more portable code base, which will be make it
easier for OSX developers less familiar with Inkscape to help.



PS Im travelling at present, and the connection is poor, so I dont want
to clone a git repo; but I do have Xcode on my mb-air.

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