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Fwd: [Inkscape] Request for hosting sponsorship for the Inkscape Project

Valessio S Brito
Encaminhando,  desculpa não tive tempo de fazer a tradução;   Mas quem não
tiver como ajudar diretamente, favor buscar apoio/parceiros/etc  para o
futuro da comunidade Inkscape internacional (não somente Brasil);

Valessio Brito

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From: Bryce Harrington <[hidden email]>
Date: 2017-10-12 14:51 GMT-04:00
Subject: [Inkscape] Request for hosting sponsorship for the Inkscape Project
To: [hidden email], [hidden email]

Inkscape is seeking to improve its online service hosting.  To this end
we're soliciting proposals for donation/sponsorship of hosting services
for the project.

The Inkscape Project is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that
develops and maintains the popular Inkscape vector drawing software,
provided freely to millions of artists, designers, and other drawers of
lines.  Our website is at http://www.inkscape.org

If you would be interested in sponsoring us through a donation of
hosting service, we would be happy to add you to our sponsors page, with
a mention & link on our main website's footer.  Proposals can be sent to
me as contact point.  These will be presented to Inkscape's board, who
will make the final determination in about a month's time.

== Background ==

We currently have various services hosted at a number of different
locations with widely varying administrative capacities.  We would like
to centralize the administration of these services, such as
consolidating them onto one platform.  We also want room and flexibility
to easily install additional services as we grow.

Services high on our priority list to migrate soon include mailing
lists, Mattermost, and wiki.  Bug tracking, web forum and gitlab are
potential secondary priorities.  Our Django-based main website may also
be worth consolidating at some point in the future.

For redundancy, we'd like to engage two distinct hosts, with one as a
primary and the other backup/space, preferrably in geographically
distinct areas (e.g. Europe and Canada).

== Requirements ==

We think that a suitable machine would look something like this:

               Minimum        Desired
               Required       Ideal
CPU:           dual core      quad core
RAM:           4 gb           256 gb
Storage:       500GB          >1 TB (HW RAID-1)
               HDD            SDD
Bandwidth:     1 TB/mo        2 TB/mo
OS:            Any linux      Ubuntu 16.04

We like the straightforwardness of physical (metal) hardware, but could
consider virtual options if we can get similar levels of flexibility and

* UPS power backup

* 24h support at the datacenter
  - For hardware (metal) options, a technician would need to be
    available for handling hardware issues, to do OS
    installation/reinstallation, hook up KVM/IP if available, and to
    investigate faults that can't be diagnosed remotely.

* Server would be under the administrative and technical management of
  the Inkscape admin team (about 6-8 people).  We would have root access
  to the machine for doing system updates and to install/configure
  software and services.

* We expect to be managing/maintaining our software ourselves.  Items we
  anticipate migrating to this include (in rough order of priority):

  + Mailman3
  + Mattermost
  + Wiki (mediawiki currently)
  + Forum (e.g. hosting for inkscapeforum.com)
  + Bug tracker (TBD)
  + Gitlab
  + Other project management tools
  + Website / Django

* Inkscape does not handle anything particularly controversial.  No
  copyright infringing materials, nothing political, nothing
  intentionally offensive.  Our windows binary has been false-positived
  by virus software in the past, but we clear this up ourselves.

* Currently our website hosting is sponsored and managed by OSUOSL.
  It's a root access virtual machine running postgresql, memcached,
  nginx and the django site itself.  Memory usage is 450MiB per web host
  thread, currently 2 threads, plus 500MB for postgresql and 500MB for
  memcache.  CDN is hosted by Fastly, currently serving 32TB per month
  for Inkscape (1:1.5 ratio US:EU, so more EU hits overall).  There's
  enough dynamic content that we still see a decent load (1/2 TB/mo) on
  the server, notably around major releases (once every year or two); we
  are continuously tweaking optimizations.

Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
engaging tech sites, Slashdot.org! http://sdm.link/slashdot
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