Git version/ MacOS / Quartz: Crash when clicking to draw second element

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Git version/ MacOS / Quartz: Crash when clicking to draw second element

Friedrich Beckmann

I try to build current git master (October 3rd, 2017) version on MacOS. I used Macports (+quartz) to install
all required libraries and then build with CMake. The build process works and I can
install inkscape. I have El Capitan with xcode 7.3. inkscape also opens.

When I click the pen tool I can draw a first line. Clicking in the draw window to start the next line will crash inkscape.
The same happens when I try to draw a second elipse. I traced it with the debugger and the problem is that
the current selection is cleared. The failure is here:

Process 27826 stopped
* thread #1: tid = 0xd6be1e, 0x0000000100d0801a libinkscape_base.dylib`Inkscape::ObjectSet::_clear(this=0x000000010c678e70) + 106 at object-set.cpp:123, queue = '', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=EXC_I386_GPFLT)
    frame #0: 0x0000000100d0801a libinkscape_base.dylib`Inkscape::ObjectSet::_clear(this=0x000000010c678e70) + 106 at object-set.cpp:123
   120 }
   122 void ObjectSet::_clear() {
-> 123    for (auto object: _container) {
   124        _remove(object);
   125    }
   126 }
(lldb) quit

And the calling frames are here:

(lldb) f 3
frame #3: 0x00000001006533fb libinkscape_base.dylib`Inkscape::UI::Tools::PencilTool::root_handler(this=0x0000000112bae100, event=0x000000010672f950) + 91 at pencil-tool.cpp:109
   107    switch (event->type) {
   108        case GDK_BUTTON_PRESS:
-> 109            ret = this->_handleButtonPress(event->button);
   110            break;
   112        case GDK_MOTION_NOTIFY:
(lldb) f 2
frame #2: 0x00000001006538de libinkscape_base.dylib`Inkscape::UI::Tools::PencilTool::_handleButtonPress(this=0x0000000112bae100, bevent=0x000000010672f950) + 1054 at pencil-tool.cpp:198
   195                        // This is the first click of a new curve; deselect item so that
   196                        // this curve is not combined with it (unless it is drawn from its
   197                        // anchor, which is handled by the sibling branch above)
-> 198                        selection->clear();
   199                        desktop->messageStack()->flash(Inkscape::NORMAL_MESSAGE, _("Creating new path"));
   200                        m.freeSnapReturnByRef(p, Inkscape::SNAPSOURCE_NODE_HANDLE);
   201                    } else if (selection->singleItem() && SP_IS_PATH(selection->singleItem())) {
(lldb) b pencil-tool.cpp:198

Anybody out there who sees this on MacOS with the quartz backend? Any ideas?


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