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Hackfest Kiel: Survey results

Maren Hachmann
Hi there, Hackfest Attendees,

these are the results of our little survey:

- Almost everyone voted to have the Hackfest dinner close by, at
TraumGmbh. I reserved a table for Sunday Sept. 9th, 6:30 pm.

They serve vegetarian, German/Austrian, Italian, other international
cuisine. Sometimes, they have a menu of the day that is halal (but
that's a day-to-day thing, nothing to rely on) and also a couple of
local dishes with fish.
Menu: https://www.traumgmbh.de/?wpdmdl=21616

- Most of us want to attend the Kitz barbecue on Tuesday evening.
Vegetarian options are available there, too.
I have informed the Kitz manager of the approximate number of persons.

- Everyone who is still there on Wednesday has selected the Museum
option, so I have confirmed the reservation there. I will also ask our
Kielux crowd if any of them would be interested to join us (the price
will drop then). I have also asked a historian friend if she would like
to be our city guide. As it's in the morning, probably there won't be
many others who would have time then, though.

As for the questions that were submitted:

- What you need to bring:
  - voltage-compatible electronics with an adapter for German
           electricity sockets
  - if your device cannot use VGA or HDMI cables for feeding the
           projector, you will need to bring an adapter for one of
           those, too
  - enough cash (in Euro) to pay for your lunch (~7-10 €/day) and
           for the museum visit (~ 10 €), bus/ferry fares (?), voluntary
           Kitz barbecue payment (10 €) and any souvenirs etc. you need
           to buy. Many of the smaller shops in Germany do not accept
           cards, and many have a minimum amount for paying with a
           credit card!
  - I think this could be a fun: If you still have space left
           in your baggage you could bring a favourite or typical
           snack (I know I'm the one who is tasked with this, but it
           might still be fun to see what you bring)
         - clothes: Up to now, we were very lucky with Kielux, as it has
           always been good weather with > 15°C and sunshine, so we
           never needed rain coats, just T-Shirt/pullover/a thin jacket.
           But one never knows here! Please take something windproof and
           watertight with you, and be prepared for temperatures between
           10° in the evenings and up to 20° Celsius during the day. We
           often have a strong wind here!
  - yourself :)

- You don't need to bring mugs - the Kitz has enough of them for
everyone of us (I just need to remember to ask for the kitchen to be
left unlocked, so we can actually get to them).

- Water bottles (and other beverages) will be available. The Kitz /
Kielux is going to sponsor them for the Hackfest. We may have to empty
some fizzy water before we can use one of the bottles to fill the coffee
machine with tap water, though ;-) Other suitable containers may be
available in the kitchen - I don't really know what they have there, though.

- Halal food is generally not available in non-specialized restaurants
in Germany :-/ Vegetarian is widely available. In Kiel, there is
a large Arab/Turkish community, which is why there are a couple of
specialized shops and supermarkets, especially in the Gaarden quarter
(close to the central station, just across the Hörnbrücke on the other
side of the Förde). One large Arab supermarket is in walking distance to
the Kitz (Sultan-Markt in Eckernförder Straße). The Döner/Turkish
fastfood 'restaurants' close to Kitz might sell halal food, but I'm not
sure. Let me know if you'd like me to get something specific in advance
(from Sultan-Markt, then).

- We have two entries that offer 3 seats in a car - one of them without
a name (a couple of you haven't entered their name, but were
identifiable through what they wrote ;-) - except for this one). Does
anyone own up to that car/entry (the other one is Jürgen)?

@doctormo and anyone else who comes by airplane: please remember to book
the Kielius bus, too, to get from Hamburg to Kiel (and back).

Current number of confirmed attendees: 9
Unconfirmed/unsure/in progress: 3 (Jabier, Khaled, Krzysztof - KK, are
you there?)
Probably not able to attend: 2 (Alex, Mihaela)

One lesson for the next hackfest organizer: poke everyone as early
as possible and more intensely about booking hotels! They can get very
expensive when booked late.

Thanks, everyone!


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