Help needed: Extensions rotate path

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Help needed: Extensions rotate path

Hi all,

I've been refactoring the extensions code and while working on the
paths support, I've become blocked on the rotate path functionality and
need help.

It's supposed to be able to rotate each of the points in the point list
around the center x,y and it's based on the original code.

But I have two problems. Firstly, I can't seem to find a way to get
inkscape to output the kind of rotated path that would make writing a
trustworthy test easier (and I don't know how to do the calculations by

And secondly, I'm not entirely sure if the original code worked or not.

If you know anything about geometry or the original python, can you
take a look at
/ which is the code in question and
cape/extensions/blob/master/tests/ which is the
respective test code. Tests can be run with `python3 test -s

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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