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Inkscape 0.92.1pre1 now available

Bryce Harrington-3
This is a pre-release for the upcoming stable bugfix release 0.92.1.
Download it at:

The release is:

    0.92.1pre1   Source Tarball Bzip

String Freeze is now in effect, as well as Hard Freeze.  This means no
changes will be taken that change any translatable strings.  Bug fix
patches will still be considered, but only if they're completely safe;
patches should be extremely minimal, reviewed by more than one person,
and well-tested.  Nothing that looks even slightly risky, uncertain, or
unfinished please, but I'll consider on a case by case basis, so give me
a ping to take a look.

== Translations ==

With String Freeze in effect, no string changes in code are permitted
and translations can now be completed.  Please finalize your work prior
to Monday, Feb 13th.

== Future Releases ==

It's my fault we're running about a week past-schedule (I was trying to
fit the dpi dialog work in before the cutoff, but that patch needs a bit
more attention.)  So I'd like to bump the schedule back by one week to
make up for it:

Proposed Timing:

                Original       New Date
√               Mon Jan  2                    Feature Freeze
√ 0.92.1pre0    Mon Jan 23                    Hard Freeze
√ 0.92.1pre1    Mon Jan 30     Fri Feb  3     String Freeze
  0.92.1pre2    Mon Feb  6     Mon Feb 13     Release Candidate
  0.92.1        Fri Feb 10     Fri Feb 17     Cut Release
                Mon Feb 13     Mon Feb 20     Announcement

Looking forward, point releases on the 0.92.x branch will continue
onward, including after we've migrated to git.  I am thinking a cadence
of a couple months per point release seems to be about the right balance
of time, so that'd put 0.92.2 in the April timeframe and 0.92.3 out
around July.

Further forward, we discussed 0.93 a bit today.  I know there's lots of
work still to be done to get trunk to a releasable state.  I would like
to start gathering status on it, to get a better feel for about when we
can start planning the release.  I'll be posting more about this later,
but for now if you have work in process in trunk, I'd love to hear of
your plans.


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