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Inkscape 1.0 About Screen Winner

Maren Hachmann
The Winner of the About Screen Contest for Inkscape 1.0 is ...

'Island of Creativity'

Congratulations to Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes, the artist of this fantastic image!

25 Inkscape contributors selected the image from the five finalist
images. It will grace the 'About Inkscape' dialog of our very special
release Inkscape 1.0.

We are very happy about the variety and number of submissions to the
contest, and the involvement of so many community members and
contributors in the voting process.

We are already working on finding good places for making use of other
fantastic entries from the contest gallery :) Tutorials, the Inkscape
website, the development version and more all need new, cool pictures to
show off Inkscape's abilities and its awesome community.

View all entries at:

Thank you everyone who participated in the contest, be it by submitting
an entry, voting or helping to organize!

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