Inkscape 1.0-beta1 released

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Inkscape 1.0-beta1 released

Marc Jeanmougin
The Inkscape project has released a first beta version of the upcoming and 
much-awaited Inkscape 1.0!

After releasing two less visible alpha versions this year, in mid-January and 
mid-June, Inkscape is now ready for extensive testing and subsequent bug-fixing.

You can get the release at

in the form of source tarball to compile, AppImage for Linux, 7-zip for 
Windows, and .dmg for macOS.

The extensive list of changes is hosted at

=== Unexpected features (aka "bugs") ===

Please test away and report your findings at! We 
are especially interested in:

    - problems with texts in Inkscape files from older Inkscape versions
    - unknown crashes
    - extensions not doing what they should be doing
    - new features not working correctly
    - things that worked in 0.92.4, but are no longer working in the beta 

=== Breaking changes ===

[breaking change] The commandline API changed! If you have automated stuff 
using Inkscape, be aware you'll need to fix it with

[breaking change] The extension API (inkex) changed! There is a compatibility 
layer, but if you maintain an extension, make sure to update it with the new 
extension API 

=== Translation ===

Translators are encouraged to start looking at translation work.  String
freeze will be soon, but we do not anticipate any serious changes between
now and string freeze out of some adjustments in the text UI so please feel 
free to start preparing your language translations.

Please aim to get all translation work committed and submitted by the end of 

=== Packagers ===

- The autotools build system was entirely removed in this version to use CMake.
- We now depend libdouble-conversion and on potrace (full list of dependencies 
with min versions is on )
- If other packages depend on Inkscape, please notify their maintainer of the 
breaking changes above.

=== About Screen Contest ===

The about screen contest will probably take place all October, aligned with the 
"Inktober" challenge :D

More information soon.

=== Bugfixers ===

If you know how to fix bugs in c++ code (or python for extensions), get in touch!


PS: We currently have a technical issue on the new mailing lists, which is worked on, sorry about this

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