Inkscape 1.0 released

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Inkscape 1.0 released

Marc Jeanmougin
= Inkscape 1.0 =

Inkscape version 1.0 is now released.


You can watch our showcase at:

and download it for your platform on:

then, if you want to support Inkscape, donate to the project at


Inkscape 1.0 is a major milestone for the Inkscape project, following
the update of our user interface toolkit GTK to GTK+3, which allows us
to support custom theming and HiDPI screen resolutions, and to provide a
native app for macOS (as a preview).

We also introduced a long list of new features outlined in detail and
illustrated at .

The highlights of this release are:

* Easier theming options
* macOS support
* HiDPI screen support
* Rotating and mirroring of canvas
* Alignment of object with on-canvas handles
* Split view and X-Ray modes to inspect path geometry
* Searchable symbols dialog
* New live path effect selection dialog
* PowerPencil Live Path Effect to draw variable width strokes with
graphic tablets
* Many new useful live path effects (corner rounding tool, offsets,
* Performance improvements for path operations on large number of paths
* Default coordinate origin has been moved to the top left
* Improved text line-height support
* Variable font support
* Browser-compatible flowed text
* Extensions now use Python 3

Join an Inkscape project team

Inkscape is always happy to welcome new contributors in various areas:
code[1], translation[2], UX[3], bug triaging[4], or even outreach[5]!

The main ways to get involved are listed on

The preferred points of contact are:

+ (or freenode/#inkscape-devel)

A warm thanks to everyone involved in making this release possible!

The Inkscape team

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