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Inkscape Board Meeting

Bryce Harrington-3
Our monthly board meeting is scheduled for this Friday, Mar 2nd,
at 10am Pacific in #inkscape-devel.  All members are welcome.

(Note that a Release Team meeting will follow immediately after.
The Vectors Team will be meeting the next day.)


   + Madras Printer's and Lithographers' Association
   + Boston Hackfest (March) [doctormo]
   + Merchandise sales [crogers]
   + Board election process review [tedg]
   + Infrastructure hosting [bryce]
   + LGM 2018 [Tav]
   + GSoC [ScislaC]
   + Other Business

Action Items from last meeting:

   ♢ ACTION: Arrange vote on Budget 2018 [bryce]
   ♢ ACTION: Make a list of projects for cleaning up our code base [Tav]
   ♢ ACTION: Send invites to old Inkscapers to attend hackfest [bryce]
   ♢ ACTION: Collect CMYK ideas into Color_management wiki page [alface]
   ♢ ACTION: Analyze how we could improve internal handling of
     Illustrator and Corel file import [crogers]
   ♢ ACTION: Follow up with MPLA to clarify on funded development and
     general sponsorship options [bryce]
   ♢ ACTION: Start reaching out to people (including previous
     contributors) to attend the hackfest. [tedg]
   ♢ ACTION: Arrange votes for any special case travelers for
     hackfest. [bryce]
   ♢ ACTION: Try one more time to access spreadshirt password, then
     email bryce for help [crogers]
   ♢ ACTION: Collab on markdown formatting for the board docs
   ♢ ACTION: Get the word out about LGM / Inkscape and invite more
     attendees [Tavmjong]
   ♢ ACTION: Evaluate use of discorse ( ?) for
     support/mailing list/forum type stuff [Vector Team]


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