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Inkscape Board Seat - Nominations

Bryce Harrington-2
Please nominate someone for the Inkscape Board!  Or second someone
already nominated!

One slot is open on the new Inkscape Board, and we would like to invite
you to nominate someone to run for election.

Anyone listed in the 0.44.1 AUTHORS file may be nominated.  As well,
nominations will be accepted from anyone listed in this file.  All
nominations must also be seconded. Don't nominate or second yourself.

Some background:  Inkscape is joining the Software Freedom Conservancy,
and as a condition of our participation, we will be forming an Inkscape
Board to oversee financial matters related to the money held and managed
for us by SFC.  Please see the relevant threads on the mailing list, or for details.

Please post your nominations here to this thread at this time.
Nominations will be accepted until midnight Saturday night, Pacific
Coast time.


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