Inkscape PGP signatures and SHA256 checksums?

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Inkscape PGP signatures and SHA256 checksums?

Tom Spettigue
Hey guys.

I was wondering if you guys provided PGP signatures of your guys'
installer files?  If so, I couldn't find the site, it'd be nice to have
links to the pgp signatures and pgp signing keys right there on the
download page.  If you guys don't have this, it'd be a great way for us
to verify that the installers that we download are genuine.  SHA256
checksums (for users who understand hashing, but not PGP) would be
pretty rad, too.

Tom Spettigue
Advent Information Systems, L.L.C.
1607 Capitol Avenue, Suite 220
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Mobile:  (307) 298-0299
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