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Inkscape sponsorship for LGM attendees

Bryce Harrington-3
Interested in meeting up with fellow Inkscapers?  Thanks to generous
donations to the project, we are able to provide funds to reimburse five
developers up to $500 each for attendance at the Libre Graphics Meeting
in Leipzig in April.

Anyone in the AUTHORS file as of Feb 19th, 2014 is eligible to apply.
To register, please email Tavmjong Bah, our coordinator for the event,
by March 6th to get on the list.  He'll let you know what position you
are in the list.  Then, register for the conference, enjoy your time,
and save your receipts.  Afterwards email copies of the receipts to Tav,
who will forward them along to SFC for reimbursement.  A maximum of $500
US each will be reimbursed to five attendees for travel, hotel room, and

Note that the LGM meeting may also give partial reimbursements, so if
your total costs exceed $500 they may be able to help.

In addition, the board is sponsoring Tavmjong Bah to attend both LGM as
a speaker and as our event coordinator, and the co-located SVG Working
Group Meeting.  Tav will be representing Inkscape's interests at the SVG
meeting, and will be working with them on features including mesh
gradients, hatched fills, and auto-flowed text.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Inkscape in the past.  Your
funding has made these sponsorships possible.  We've found these
face-to-face meetings invaluable both for sharing ideas and as general
inspiration for advancement of the project.


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