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Location and start of SB hackfest

Tobias Ellinghaus
Hello again,

the Saarbrücken hackfest is approaching fast. On Monday, 27th, I will be there
at 09:00 o'clock, from then on the doors will be open and everyone is free to

The address is
Ufergasse 2
66111 Saarbrücken

It's a kind of hidden door between a casino and an adult video store, just
step close to it and it will open on its own. There is a lift in the far right
corner of the entrance room, or you can take the stairs on the right. The office
is in the 2nd floor (German counting, Americans would call it the 3rd floor).
The button in the lift says, among others, "2" (duh), "U2 Raum" and "K8
gGmbH". I will add some photos to the wiki page later.

In case someone wants to get into the office on Sunday already, just ping me and
I can arrange something.

For those that are in the city on Sunday and don't know what to do, I'd
suggest going for a drink in the evening.


PS: If anyone needs any help or information regarding the hackfest, traveling
in Germany or local customs I am sure I can help.

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