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Location path for an imported figure

David Carrasco de Busturia

Dear All,

I am finding `
Inkscape` a really good tool for importing `PDF` or `EPS` scientific plots into a blank page, and then place arrows on top of the graphs, text, make scientific drawings assemble them in the desired location and then save as a unique PDF page that can then be included as a unique `figure` in a `latex` document.

Let's imagine an inkscape project that has assembled 10 plots, imported from these folders:


We already know that in /path1/ there is also the python, gnuplot, etc source code that produces the PDF plot, for instance: 


Most of the times I need to continue working over the original PDF plots that I once imported into a inkscape project I made back in time. For example, change the scale and the title of the plots, and so on. In other words, I need to go to the original source code (gnuplot, python, etc) that produces those plots that have been assembled in the inkscape project. 

In these situations, while having the nice inkscape project in the screen with all the plots 1 to 10, it is quite hard to remember where is the location of the original PDF plot. 

As far as I am concerned, there is no option in the inkscape interface that allows you to know which is the original location path of the PDF plot that was once imported into the inkscape project.

The closest solution I could find is the following: every time I import a new PDF of EPS, I right click and and create a link which is basically a copy-paste of the location path of the figure.

This solution is quite tedious and most of the times one forgets to create the link. Once the image is imported, the next natural step is to resize it and locate in the desired place, and it is very easy to forget to create the link.

For instance, if this multi PDF plots assemble project was made in Latex, the location path of all the plots would be perfectly identified, i.e. in the `\includegraphics` line.

I am sure there are more than one user that misses this feature.

I was wondering if it is possible to check an option in the importing process that would allow to automatically write the location path of the figure somewhere. Or any other strategy that would automatically write the location path every time a plot is imported. Would this be very costly ?

Thanks a lot for all your help,

All the best,

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