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Martin Owens-2
Hi inkscapers,

The inkscape website has been under stress recently. Higher load after
the release mostly. But also a broken cron, failing logrotate, low disk
space (in that order of knock on effect).

I've fixed the cron, which fixes the logrotate and I've got a ticket
out for increasing the disk space next Monday. The web server will be
down for 30 minutes while I go through the process with OSUOSL.

The load issue though was troubling me. Lots of media requests. I
opened a ticket with Fastly, the very kind CDN service we use. They had
a look at our logs and noticed that Fastly was asking if files had
changed every 3 minutes.

Which is a bit often.

So I've set the expires to 30 days. This shouldn't effect any of the
actual pages since it's just about the media / downloads. This is also
one reason why uploads never use the same filename, appending -1 and
etc to make them unique. So we shouldn't have an issue.

But let me know if you spot anything odd or interesting. I'll keep

Best Regards, Martin Owens
Website Administrator
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