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New translators mailing list for Inkscape

Bryce Harrington-3
Heya all,

We've set up a brand new mailing list for Inkscape translators.  You can
subscribe to it here:

The purpose of this list is to discuss localization and translation
issues of Inkscape and its documentation.  Here's a sampling of specific
topics the translators have proposed discussing on the list:

- where are we ? (what are the translation status ? Which languages need
  some more commitment...)
- where do we (translators) usually face some issues ?
  (specific vocabulary, synchronization with development...)
- get some best practices from the ML and then, write them down on
  the wiki
- share experiences on specific blocking points
- take a look at the various tasks, on different levels :
  (core software strings, tutorials, text docs, web pages...)


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