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Lex Neva

> That's really impressive.
> I wonder if an extension is capable of setting the keyboard shortcuts ?
> If it was then you could add an embroidery extension  to set and unset
> the shortcuts you use.
> That would help to enable the workflows simple for complex domain
> specific extensions like this.

Neat idea, but as far as I know, there's no good way for an extension to
modify keyboard shortcuts.  The only method I can think of would be to kill
inkscape, modify the preferences file, and restart.  That seems like a
terrible user experience.

> Question: - if the ice is white - how do you specify a thread change ?

The extension processes objects in their stacking order, lowest to highest.
 If it sees a color change from one object to the next, it automatically
inserts a thread change instruction in the output file.

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