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Hey all someone told me a way to view same document at different zoom levels using the window duplicate function. I was able to use it somewhat but in ubuntu the window doesnt stay on top some times or it isnt dockable. Also I used the tutorial files from help and I was trying to LIVE ANIMATE that file using vokoscreen that comes with ubuntu studio... And It was very laggy on my slow pc running off 2GB RAM and a Live DVD. I really think with a RAID 0 of 10k Hard Drives it would be fine.

Anyways I am kinda suggesting that I be able to dock or split a window. I was liking the horizontal spilt I could move animated objects on lower screen and they would move above in the larger screen  without the cursor showing.

I wish I could disable the UI or the cursor with a hotkey and set other hotkeys to affect scale or rotation or like switch layers like press space to swap group file or unhide a top layer etc.

Any suggestions?

I know Inkscape isnt a animation suite but its simple for little things like a Puppeteer App especially if you can do post production and use a chromakey background. Example like handwriting Words onto a music video etc.

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>Am 18.01.2018 um 21:30 schrieb Bryce Harrington:
>>Do we have a wiki page setup for discussing/brainstorming bug tracker
>> ideas?  Maybe that'd be a good starting point?
> Now we have:
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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
engaging tech sites,!
Inkscape-devel mailing list
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