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Girilal Baars
Hi, Brynn!

Thanks for staying with this isue!
— So do you mean that the 9.1 release will work on OSX 10.12? Website says 10.7-10.10, so I figured it wouldn't work...
— I'll have to wait on following up with MacPorts – my laptop was lifted from my bag yesterday! So, I'll have to deal with insurance, etc and it'll be at least week or so before I have my a laptop again. Bit of a shock, but life does do this every now and then:-}
— Great news that there could be an official release! That would be superb!

So, I'll hang in there (here?) and I guess I'll get Inkscape to work at some point!
But I'm very glad the community and forum is working well, makes things a lot easier!



2017-02-02 skrev [hidden email]:

>Hi Girilal,
> Unfortunately, all we can do at this point, is to suggest you contact
>Macports support for this.
> If you learn what the solultion is, would you please let me know? At
>least I'll be able to help other users who try the Macports route.
> If you can't get a solution from Macports, at least you should be able
>to install version 0.91 from the website, for the time being. There is a DMG
>version for 0.91.
> There is some encouraging news for the future, and hopefully near
>future. A small handful of people have become interested in providing an
>official Inkscape release for Macs. I'm not sure if that means a DMG version,
>or exactly what it means. But I'll be trying to follow their work, and I'll try
>and keep the forum community informed (and mailing list too).
> Sorry, I wish I had better news for you.
>All best,

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