Some elegant Element Renaming in Inkscape (0.41)?

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Some elegant Element Renaming in Inkscape (0.41)?

Jay Vaughan
hi all,

i am a very happy user of inkscape for all my SVG needs, and have
been using it for the last few releases very happily.  thank you for
all your hard work, you make wonderful things possible!

one thing that i haven't been able to work out how to do, is properly
name my objects.  i use SVG as a design language, and elements in my
SVG document need to be named certain things .. this "rect123"
business doesn't really cut it.

usually, i just hand-rename things, but lately i've found that there
are some objects for which this method just doesn't work.

how difficult would it be to add a feature in inkscape where you can
select multiple elements, and then type in a 'name template', and
have that applied to all objects?  for example, i've got "circ1823",
"rect123" and "object23" all selected; i want to group these together
and give them a common name scheme that looks like this "object-01",
"object-02", "object-03" ..

i remember in some editing apps (was it Canvas or illustrator, i
forget) you could multi-select a group of objects, hit 'Rename', and
enter C-like expressions for renaming, like "myobject-%d" where %d
would be replaced by the # of the object in the list of the selection.

another thing that would be handy is 're-order group', where a group
is selected, and you can re-order the name of the elements ("id="
tag) automatically..

is that feasible?  should i look at making an extension to do this
renaming automatically, would that be the easiest way, or maybe
there's a secret hidden feature of inkscape already that allows you
to do renaming such as this?



Jay Vaughan

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