Very early start on the future CAD feature of Inkscape

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Very early start on the future CAD feature of Inkscape

Miguel Lopez
Hello guys, there is a idea that I have in mind which can be considered
the very first start to CAD support of Inkscape.

When I have manipulated the display units, I noticed that scale x, and
scale y does change. I tried to find out what works best from Inkscape
to Solidworks .dxf import, and as it turns out, the scale must be
exactly 1.0 x and 1.0 y in order to achieve the correct size within
Solidworks. The viable workaround to this is of course to make CAD
templates, and I might make series of CAD templates.

For people who are using Inkscape due to its .dxf support, they have to
pay attention to the scale feature with document property. Also,
sometimes they have to snap created object within the 0,0 of the
workspace in order to import a vector object exactly as if the origin is
the rotation point of the object. Modifying the centerpoint can be done
with Solidworks, but it's a little tedious, but it can easily be done in

There are 4 solutions I can think of for this when it comes to .dxf
export, and CAD program support

- Under Scale Box, there should be a checkmark which says retain 1:1
scaling when changing display unit.

- If I were to export .dxf and the scale factor is not 1, then during
the export process, Inkscape should automatically scale the result to
1/x where x represent the scale factor within Inkscape. Also, I wouldn't
support px export in .dxf.

- There should be a option to display the axis line within document
property. That means the X line or horizontal line and the Y line or the
height line.

- Last of all, under .dxf export, I think one should have the option to
always export the name of the unit being used next to the file name.
That way, it would be easy to tell what's being used to avoid scaling
issues within .dxf.

Right now, all I have are templates, and I might try to give them out to
you guys to put on the next release. I will try to talk more about this
in the inkscape-devel if I can.

Oh, and to Bryan or whatever the name is, I'm not in that state. I'm a
university student with a very long commute and possibly suffering from
unrecoverable chronic fatigue. It's unlikely I'll ever be able to go to
a physical meeting as much as I want to.
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