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Website Caching (again)and fall-back

Hi all,

This is a general notice, I've switched on nginx caching for non-logged
in users. 95% of all requests are to non-logged in users.

Caching is set to 1 hour, if you update a cms page, upload a new
resource or make a new release, there WILL be a delay to some users
getting the new information.

We are closely monitoring the web server and tweaking the settings as
needed. Average request times have be 0.9s-1.1s but some days see
spikes to 5s (for the whole day) so we want to try and reduce the
common load. Page loads for HITs are down to 120ms, compared to 980ms
for a MISS.

I've also removed cmsplugin-history which takes up a lot of RAM. There
may be some holes in the cms, so let me know if you hit one.

Page caching in nginx means that if the website goes down, nginx will
keep giving our users a website as much as possible. So we may see a
slight improvement in fall-over, certainly for normal users.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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