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Website Testing (upgrades)

Dear Devlopers and Users,

The Inkscape Website is going through some upgrades, from python 2.7 to
 python 3.5 and from django 1.8 to django 1.11. There's a pile of other
upgrades since I rebuilt the dependencies from scratch, but these are
the main ones.

I've deployed the new version to
and I encourage people to hit the website and test functionality. Try different things and feel free to report issues to the inkscape-webgitlab issues tracker if you can (to keep the mailing list clear) but if you can't issues track, then fallback to emailing here.

When ready, we'll hopefully be deploying this new version to a new
server too, so it's all moving hopefully forwards.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
Inkscape Website Developer

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