Yesterday was SMIL and today is Mesh Gradients

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Yesterday was SMIL and today is Mesh Gradients

Victor Westmann
Hi fellow inkscapers,

I was amazed to read that inkscape already has Mesh Gradients (since version 0.92) just like Adobe Illustrator. Illustrator got this exact same feature in the version 8 (released in 1998). 20 years ago.

But it seems that Mesh Gradients will be removed from the SVG 2.0 specification. My question is WHY?

That made me really sad and wondering: isn't there anything we can do to prevent that from happening? Can we make a petition or talk to Mozilla/Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi browser so they can implement this and this feature, as soon as it gets traction, to be kept in the 2.0 spec of SVG technology?

Ideas anyone? Is this too unrealistic or we can do something about it?

I remember google chrome almost removed SMIL feature from Google Chrome but then the feature got traction and started being used more and more... so they kept it.

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