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canvas cacheing (Re: [Inkscape-user] quick preview mode)

Quoting David Soukal <[hidden email]>:

> The problem is that Inkscape was extremely slow. I had to wait
> several seconds before and object appeared, after I added it on
> the canvas. I solved the problem by taking a picture of the screen
> with the whole plot, saving it as JPEG and importing this JPEG
> into a layer. I then scaled it so that it looked like the vector
> plot beneath. Finally hiding the layer with the imported EPS made
> everything work fast so I could add the annotations..

Actually we should be doing a lot of that sort of thing
automatically during interactive rendering.

We don't currently, partly because doing it to that extent needs
some rearchitecting of the canvas stuff, and partly because the
existing cacheing code had to be turned off because it had bad
memory leaks.

This isn't strictly a Cairoification thing, but it would be nice if
we could address this sort of thing too then.

> My question is, would it be possible (or is it already there?) to
> add some mode of display in which Inkscape would draw only
> black-and-white preview of selected object (or whole figure),
> without any fills, strokes, antialiasing... anything. Something
> like CorelDraw's "wireframe" mode.

There's an RFE in for that; we just need someone to do it.


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