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custom default not retaining zoom level

Hi Friends,
        While helping someone on a forum regarding a custom default template, I
made a new default.svg template, to test what they reported.  I was not able to
reproduce their issue, but I might have discovered a different one.

        I set the zoom level to 100%, changed display units, and switched to
landscape orientation.  (Also changed bg color and alpha, and added some text,
so as not to be confused with my existing custom default.)

        Everything worked as I expected, except it does not retain the zoom
level.  My existing custom default does open at 100%, as I expect.  But this new
one that I made with 0.92.1 does not.

        Not sure if I should attach it here, but I'll upload it, in case you
need to see it.

(Of course when I tested, it was named default.svg.  Just added my name into the
title for clarity.)  Windows 7, 64-bits, Inkscape 0.92.1, 64-bits, exe

        Shouldn't it be expected to keep the zoom level at which I saved it?

Thank you very much,

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