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Hi Friends,
        As I mentioned in a different mailing list, I'm working on creating a
centralized list of all the external Inkscape extensions, which I'll add to the
list of tutorials that I've created on my website/forum
(https://forum.inkscapecommunity.com/index.php).  I have them all listed (not
uploaded yet), and I'm almost finished categorizing them, as best I can.

        I'm going to list them according to where I expect they would show up in
the current Extensions menu.  I think that will make it easier for users to find
them.  As soon as I finish, I'll probably ask for help (maybe I'll even post the
request later in this same thread, because I'm very close to finished), because
some of them I don't even understand, and others don't understand well enough to
know where they should belong.  Plus, many of them could really fit in more than
one category.

        But meanwhile, I'm a little confused about something in the current
Extensions menu.  I notice that the Stylesheet submenu is separate from the Web
submenu.  I'm just curious why Stylesheet isn't a submenu *under* the Web

        Can someone explain?

Thanks for your help,

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