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Hi Friends,
        I've previously volunteered to lead an effort to write the rules and
guidelines for the new forum.  Except for the rules about selecting staff and
staff responsibilities, I think the community CoC should suffice.  So I was just
reviewing it.

        One thing specifically that I would like in the forum rules is a clear
and concrete method where members can file a complaint and have it fairly heard
and settled.

        In the CoC, apparently all that's available is contact Krzysztof
Kosiński: [hidden email].  Unless the complaint is about a moderator, in
which case members are supposed to contact the Board.

        First question - Why is it a different process for complaints about

        2nd - Can I at least say that Krzysztof Kosiński has some training and
experience in conflict resolution?  Or do we have other community members with
such qualifications, who could do this for the forum?

All best,

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