gradient mesh on stroke and fill are opposite

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gradient mesh on stroke and fill are opposite

Hi Friends,
        I want to put a mesh gradient on both the fill and stroke of an object.
All the nodes of the fill, and all of the stroke are the same color (a medium
shade on the stroke and lighter shade for the fill.  The only thing that changes
is the opacity or alpha.
        Wherever the nodes of the fill have higher opacity, I want the nodes of
the stroke to have lower opacity.  So let's say for example (using a linear
gradient as an example) the fill goes from 10% on right end, to 30% on the left
end.  Then on the stroke, I want 30% on the right end and 10% on the left.
        Hhmm, there seems to be a bug (or something).  I'll make a separate
message for that.
        But my question is:  What do you all think is the most efficient way to
accomplish this?  Can it only be done manually, or is there some extension or
maybe even filter which can accomplish it a little faster?  Maybe a blend mode?

Thanks for comments  :-)

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