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inkscape-0.92.2pre0 - testers welcome

Patrick Storz
Am 26.07.2017 um 01:06 schrieb Bryce Harrington:
> The first (and hopefully only) pre-release package for the upcoming
> 0.92.2 release is now available:

Hi all

Bryce just released the source tarball for the 0.92.2 pre-release (see
above), the final release is to be expected around Aug 7th.

I want to invite you all to test the pre-release. Especially the builds
for Windows should receive some extensive testing as I switched the
build system for this release (it's now built with MSYS2 instead of our
custom-built devlibs for those interested in the details).

Overall this should result in less bugs, some additional features and
maybe even slightly improved performance, but - as with all fundamental
changes - it might have introduced regressions we're not aware of.
Therefire please let me know if you find any new issues that might block
this release (we'll fall back to the way we built Inkscape before in
this case).

A full set of Windows builds (7z, exe, msi - x86/x64) is available from:


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