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Bryce Harrington-3
The alpha for Inkscape 0.92, inkscape-0.92pre0, is released and
available for testing from the Download page:

The release is:

   0.92pre0   Source Tarball Bzip

This is an early preview of our upcoming release and as such can be
expected to have some stability issues or incomplete features.  See
Inkscape's bug tracker for a list of known issues.

== Translation ==

Translators are encouraged to start looking at translation work.  String
freeze will be in one week (May 22nd), but the i18n POT file has been
updated in trunk and we do not anticipate any serious changes between
now and string freeze so please feel free to start preparing your
language translations.

Please aim to get all translation work committed by mid-June.

== Packaging ==

Packagers for Linux, Windows, and OSX should use this source tarball for
creating packages for their respective platforms.  Note that this was
produced using the new cmake system, and the autoconfig build files are
not included in this dist; if you require the autoconfig system for your
platform you can still generate an autoconfig tarball from our VCS
trunk, however you should prioritize shifting to cmake as we will be
dropping autoconfig in the future 0.93 release.

I plan to post further pre-releases on a roughly weekly cadence until we
feel the codebase is stable enough for the final release, which would be
late June at the earliest.

== About Screen ==

An About Screen contest should be started at this time - Josh, you've
run this contest in the past, will you be available to do it again for
0.92?  Can the contest be organized to complete by mid-June or do you
think it would require more time than that?



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