is it possible to speed up CMake?

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Re: is it possible to speed up CMake?

Tobias Ellinghaus
Am Donnerstag, 2. März 2017, 11:55:42 CET schrieb Bardot Jérôme:
> Hello,
> Does cmake clean the "cache" (.o, etc) ?

I don't hope so, that would make using a tool like "make" or "ninja"

> The make installé take a constant time no ? Maybe it s the bottle neck ?

Depends. When everything is build already then it's more or less constant, if
some dependencies are not fulfilled yet then it takes more time as it compiles/
generates them.
The bottleneck is the initial checking of the state of the dependencies, i.e.,
if any source files got changed and need to be reprocessed. Running "make
install" directly gets rid of one such pass.


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