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misunderstood tiled clones issue

Hi Friends,
        Someone recently has posted in a forum, asking why the first array
created by Tiled Clones dialog is deleted, when the 2nd array is created (using
the same parent object).  http://www.inkscapeforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=33037

        Because this is what I previously understood the Remove button is
supposed to do, I thought it must be a bug.  However searching LP has not turned
up any existing bug report (not unless its title contains technical language
that I don't understand, or that doesn't really describe the issue).

        I'm on Windows, but other operating systems are represented in the forum

        I tested going back to version 0.47.3, and the same behavior is seen
there.  So since it seems to be long standing, and not reported, I have to think
it's either intended behavior, or at least not a bug.

        Oh interesting!  It seems the first array is deleted /whenever/ a 2nd
array is created with the same parent (not just when the 2nd array immediately
follows the first)!  Because I did this (with all default settings):

1 - Object A: 2 x 2 array
2 - Move all the clones away from the array area (to easily notice that they are
deleted when the 2nd array is created, and not just covered up by the 2nd
3 - Object B: 3 x 3 array
4 - Object A: 4 x 4 array -- This removes all the clones from the 2 x 2 array of
object A; leaves the 3 x 3 array of object B alone, and creates the new 4 x 4
array of object A.

        If there's a reason for this, could someone explain, in a not too
technical way?

Thank you very much,

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