problems having only macports to install Inkscape on Mac

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problems having only macports to install Inkscape on Mac

Hi Friends,
        We have this message which has gone unsolved, in the User mailing list.

I've seen this same problem posted 3 or 4 other times.  They follow the
instructions for installing using Macports.  Everything seems to have worked
without producing errors or other problems.  But afterwards they can't find

In one of them, I'm trying to help a newbie who posted on Inkscape Community.
She has sought support from Macport support, and apparently they are either
unable or unwilling to simplify the solution for a newbie.

I'd like to know the solution for this, since it seems so common.  Then I (or
we) can help Mac users who have this problem.

In my opinion, it reflects poorly on the project not to have a solution which
newbies can use.

Hopefully Kirk Slowe will be successful packaging a DMG version for 0.92 or

But meanwhile, can anyone tell me the solution for this?

Thank you very much,

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