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raising bugs for SVG animation features

I emailed a roadmap and high level break down of features that need to be implemented or adapted to implement SVG animation, I'm fairly sure there's a whole host of features I've missed off.

I'm going to be handing around rocketchat on freenode for as much of the day as possible and I hope to bump into some people for a discussion about the breakdown I have emailed hopefully resulting in a little more fleshing out of the roadmap and feature break down and sanitizing it to the level that a list of bugs can be raised that need to be implemented for a robust implementation of SVG animation. it would be nice to break down the road map into key stages forinstance. Javascript engine implemented. javascript markup implemented. GUI integration implemented. keyframes and timeline implemented

once we get a better more complete grasp of what needs to be implemented for each stage it would be nice to come up with some timeframe estimates so I can track my progress against them..  

quite a lot of the work I expect to be quite repetitive and boring, but I actually quite like that kind of work, that still doesn't stop me wanting to turn it into a script.

I have nothing coming up in the foreseeable future also I expect very much that I will be able to work on svg animation until such times as it's completely implemented. I'm not working at the moment so I should be able to put quite a reasonable number of hours in so hopefully the project won't drag on and it can be completed in a reasonable time frame. I don't mind working with other people if other people want to join in so long as we have things reasonably well defined so there isn't a mixture of styles and implementation methodologies and we're not stepping on each other's toes. I also don't want to be responsible for tidying up another developers code when it is found to be unpalatable buggy.

that's about all I can think of for the time being and hope to catch you on IEC. I  think I'm off to bed.

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