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rules and guidelines for new forum - first draft

Hi Friends,
        As it turned out, only me and a couple of other people were interested
in drafting the rules and guidelines for the new forum.  So we can get more eyes
on it, and possibly more professional opinions about it, I'd like to ask the
community to have a look at it.

        I have no background in writing such documents, so it's purely a
layperson's whack at it.  I feel quite confident about the contents, based on my
years of experience in Inkscape forums.  But the format of the document, and
possibly some of the language might need some technical advice.

        So any an all comments and suggestions about the format or language are
very welcome.

        (I've left it locked to editing, so everyone sees the same doc, for this
first review.  Then I'll unlock it afterwards.)

Thank you very much,

PS - I'm also posting about this in the forums.

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