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I've done some thinking and it may well be that javascript naturally integrates with the inkscape feature set and there's no need to be too restrictive as to what is and isn't allowed in scripts relating to animation on the other hand I don't want a tonne of bugs to chase down and fix because every man and his dog have been implementing bizarre javascript features.

so i want to draw a balance which should enable a potentially more stable experience in a reasonable time frame.

I'm not intending to jump ship as soon as i finish my last line of code, I'm planning on hanging around to do any bug fixing because it's not fair on somebody who doesn't know the code base to fix bugs when they usually quite simple to fix if you do know the code base and in addition, i take responsibility for my code.

i may well implement a few requested feature after the first stable release has gone out but it may be that by that time I'm feeling fit and well enough to get a job again.

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