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volunteer moderators needed

Hi Friends,
        If anyone is interested, we still need more moderators for the website

        It doesn't usually take very much time.  I'd estimate no more than a
half an hour per week.   (Preferably spread out 5 or 10 minutes each for 3 or 4
days per week.  But at this point, once a week would help.)

        And Martin has built us a wonderful system where the burden of deleting
an image or removing member doesn't fall all on one person.  Typically it takes
2 moderators to decide the fate of a reported image or member.

        If interested, please visit this page,
(https://inkscape.org/en/*moderators) and click the button which I think says
something like "Join this team."  After that, I'll contact you with details to
get you started.

All best,


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